The best accessory your SAAB can have

The Saab Car Club of Victoria was first started in 1987, by a group of Saab enthusiasts who wanted to share their stories and enjoy their cars with other likeminded enthusiasts.

Since then the club has grown and evolved. The club today has a membership of early and late model cars whose owners appreciate the technology, engineering and individuality of the Saab Marque.

Membership is open to all owners and lovers of the Saab Marque.

Once a member you have access to a wealth of information, discounts from club sponsors, you will also receive the club magazine. SAABMissions is rated as one of the best club magazines published. You will have the opportunity to join with other club members and enjoy your car on drive days, driver training days, weekends away, picture days, motoring display days, just some of the events which take place.


The objectives for which the club is established are:

  • To promote and foster friendship among SAAB car owners
  • To encourage pride, ownership and technical knowledge of SAAB cars

To work together with other committee recognised Saab Car Clubs to:

  • Hold National Events for all recognised Saab Car Clubs
  • Produce a Magazine for all recognised Saab Car Clubs
  • Run and Maintain a national Web Presence
  • To conduct meetings, social activities and motor sporting events;
  • To maintain the public awareness and positive image of SAAB cars through the promotion of activities and conduct of the members;
  • To establish and maintain a motor vehicle registration system for club vehicles more than twenty five years old in accordance with the rules of VicRoads